Friday, November 18, 2016

Maternal Filicide

            I recently read an article about why do moms kill their children. Maternal filicide is a mother killing their own children. This is very rare and while reading this article I wondered to myself, how could this happen? How can a mother kill her own child that came out of her? One common factor when mothers commit that crime is extreme mental illness. Other countries have  infanticide laws that reduce the penalty for mothers who kill their children. The article says " British law allows mothers to be charged with manslaughter rather than murder if they have a mental disorder. Women who are convicted of infanticide there often receive probation and mental health treatment referrals rather than incarceration, according to Resnick’s report."  Another reason why mothers commit that crime is because of stress and isolation. The article also says " Resnick also found that those rates increased with economic stress and social isolation, and offenders also experienced psychiatric disorders."

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