Friday, September 30, 2016

first month of high school finished (:

It's the end of September and the beginning of fall. I started high school on the beginning of this month. High school isn't that bad. It's by far much more better than Middle School. The teachers here are much more nicer and they actually want their students to enjoy what they're learning and to do good. The teachers in my high school are very interesting and not boring at all. I love the privilege of having freedom in this school. I didn't enjoy having a social studies quiz on the first week but that's alright because I guess it's just high school. I wish I had a lunch period but it's fine because I eat snacks in my math class. My favorite class so far is my intermediate studio art class. The teacher is really cool and I like his raspy voice. I also enjoy getting more sleep because when I went to school in the middle school, I was sometimes half dead. I'm looking forward to my next fours years of high school.

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