Tuesday, September 27, 2016


What I learned from completeling this assignment is that God was once an angry person. I've been told only that God was always a nice miracle worker and cares about his people, but after doing this assignment, I learned that he wasn't so nice in the beginning. I was surprised about  God's characterization in Genesis 6-9 because I was never told that God created a flood to kill all the living beings on land. I would never have thought that God got mad at his people for being violent so he just drowned them. I get that he didn't want evil to spread because then the world would just be wicked.  I was told that God is a forgiving person and in the Genesis it showed God giving humans another chance to be on land again after killing the others in the flood. Another thing I learned from this assigment is that God made humans as a reflection of himself and I find that very interesting. I didn't know God intended to make us that way because humans make mistakes all the time  and I have been told that God makes no mistakes, he is perfect. I learned from reading the Genesis one through nine that God makes mistakes  just like humans. Looking back at other assignments, it is true that there have been many flood stories in different cultures.  I'm glad   I got to learn more about God  from the beginning in the Genesis because I got to learn more about things that weren't taught to me.  I enjoyed reading the Genesis because it was actually interesting and also reading the Genesis as literature and not for religious reasons. This assignment overall was not boring and everything about it was interesting. 

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